The problems arising in this world are mainly due to idiots being shit confident about their ideas and the experts always being in doubt. Its nice to think a idea through. Its nice to know that your idea makes sense on paper. But going into intricate details will only waste time. The process of thinking too much will make you raise doubts on your ideas and plans. I have my self discarded so many brilliant plans just because I over think it. I have fucked up so many moments just because I over analyzed the whole thing.

Once you know your idea is feasible, go ahead and do it! Sometimes its not about months of planning, its about that 20 seconds of insanity when you decide your going for it. The moment you raise up the stakes and give your 100 percent. Start, get your shit in order. Make mistakes, take calculated risks. You’ll learn through the process.

The idea of learning before the process doesn’t really work well. You can’t really learn swimming from a text book. Its just not feasible. You’ve fucking gotta get in that cold water. beat your own legs and get to the other side of the pool. You’ve gotta do it.  Sometimes thinking how and when is pointless.

Take actions. Do what you gotta do. Be who you ought to be. Make it happen 🙂