I have been online for a while now. I made my first site back in 2008 and have made plenty since then. One thing I have learned is that trying to save a dollar in hosting could you cost you much more as disruption of services. I remember the first hosting plan I bought was for 10 $ a year and was a reseller package.  I got a good deal didn’t I ?

The Pakistani guy ran away after 2 months because of payapl issues.  I not only lost money but also my site’s content. I was quick to recover the content from google cache and post it again on the site. I lost 2-3 days worth of revenue . Similarly, I faced uptime issues with a nepali host for a week. Another Serbian guy got his server banned and I lost a good part of my content as my backup was old.

Another problem with cheap host is their sub standard service. They expect you to know everything. They reply the ticket when they want to. They are not online when you need them the most. Third party script setups are none of their concern. More often than not they’ll link you to some DIY tutorial. I have sorted plenty of issues with Hostgator, they’ve been patient and professional.

I would like to list down the hosting companies I have accounts with and which I recommend:

  • Hostgator
  • Knownsrv ( Had few issues in the middle, its all resolved now… )
  • Netfirms
  • Fatcow
  • Ninjalion ( A little unheard of but quality servers and service)

If you want to save a buck and go with a cheap host, you might want to take a backup everyday. Taking backup everyday not only consumes time but is also irritating. I think you are better off paying a little more…