I recently came across this dudes site Paulie Ciara and it seems he gives away free back link packages every Monday. He claims on his site that its all pr 5 +  .  Now let me clarify , when he claims its pr 5 + site , it just means the homepage is pr 5 but the place ( usually the profiles ) don’t really have any PR on them and are neither relevant . So according to my calculations the impact should be very limited or negligible.

Now lets look deeper. Paulie Ciara has widely gone about using the nick name ‘yep1988’ on the world wide web while making his free profile on sites and dropping the links. A quick search on Yahoo Back links didn’t show me much information ( Image 1 ) .

Image 1

That is 112 backlinks and 20-30 of them were from forums  ( I didn’t bother counting them all ).  Considering the fact , Paulie’s site has been around for a while , I decided to take my search a layer deeper. I googled up the foot print he was leaving behind. The user name ‘yep1988’ ( Image 2 ).

Image 2

The results were just as I anticipated 2,640 results which I showed which I am assuming is from all different sources ( Different domains , different ips ). I also strongly feel that the total links would have been something around 5000 and 2,640 were the ones that managed to get indexed

On a closer Look , I found that Mr Paulie was not linking all this pages to his homepage but to a inner page. Now that got me even more curious. That page had no PR. According to my experience , even after spamming high pr blogs with tons of comment you do manage to get a PR of atleast 1. This guy didn’t have even have that.  2,640 different Back links and Not even a pr 1 , something is wrong big time some where.

Lets go a layer even more deeper, His anchor text. He mainly used ‘Free Backlinks’ , ‘free weekly backlinks’ and there were places where he didn’t use anchor text at all. So I now decided to check out the SERPS.

  • He ranks #1 for ‘Paulie Ciara’ ( He has the exact match keyword domains , he is bound to rank for it ).
  • No where on the first page for ‘Free backlinks’
  • #1 for ‘free weekly backlinks’ . Now lets analyze the SERPs a bit. The first 4 search results correspond to a main domain and rest all are just inner pages for forum threads. Now lets look even more deeper, None of the top 4 sites except paulie’s site have the keyword ‘ weekly’ in their title . So he does have an advantage. I firmly believe the other sites there are not even optimized for that keyword.

PS:  All the search engine results were taken using a US proxy.


From all the substance and results I took into consideration , I have come to conclusion that profile backlinks don’t really have a major effect on your SERPs and neither on your PR. But I think relevant forum profile backlinks could have a impact , if you could manage to get them indexed.


Got nothing against you Paulie !