I have been dealing with websites for 4 years now and one thing I have learned is that the best information out there is available for free. I have bought a Ebook only once in my life which I regret too. The information you need is all out there. It might not be structured, it might not be direct, sometimes it would be surrounded with bullshit but at the end of the days its still out there. Its much more fun when you do something by your own and walk your own path.

The above paragraph by no way means that I don’t read ebooks. One should always read about the industry he operates in to be informed and updated. I usually download my chunk of ebooks from BHW and other forums.  I know its not legal neither ethical. To be honest, I don’t give shit. 80% of the ebooks is the same shit in different language. But the other 20% gives you food for though and brain tingle. This tingling of brain makes it all worth it.

Read, Read and read. Knowledge is power and being powerful feels nice 😉