Last semester of college and I pretty much had it all figured out. My sites were making good cash and I was very certain I would be taken on for a full time position in the company I was interning at with a good pay. I knew my over all income in a month would be considerable and I could live the life I wanted.

The company closed down overnight and the penguin and panda updates fucked my other plans. From making considerable money, I was good for nothing now. I took great pride in what I had done. I took great pride in where I got my self to. I took great pride in my internet empire. I think somewhere along the way it all got jinxed. Its funny not everyone around you wish well for you.

What am I going to do about it? I am going to work my way up again. Its going to be harder than before. But you’ve gotta do it. I’ll have to get a job soon to ensure I have a revenue stream going. In the mean while I need to churn out enough cash from my net empire. I have been focusing on running ppc campaigns on my existing sites and trying to break even. I haven’t had a successful campaign yet. But I am sure if I keep trying hard, something will fall through.

The moral of the story is, times change. Plans always don’t work. Plan B also doesn’t work. Stay strong. Give it your best shot. Make it happen.