Unlockr Review I got approached via unlockr team not once but twice before I decided to join them and test them out. I was pretty impressed with their site layout and design. Simple yet elegant colors, my favorite. They claim on their landing page that publishers make 500% more with them on average. I wouldn’t say 500% but at least 50-100 % for sure from my experience.

Their gateway looks pretty sleek and is not very boxy like other. They initially just allowed 40 characters in word count which they have increased to 180 words now. One sensible step I must say.

They don’t have any widget approval process like leadbolt (thankfully) and the gateway is pretty customizable. The design layout inside the site is also pretty impressive. Its easy to get around.

The network is basically looked over by a former AM of “Epic Direct Ads” who is pretty friendly and knowledgeable. I really haven’t been able to test out their support because everything has worked just as I wanted.

Earnings have looked good with them. Money is coming in consistently. I would say my main money making site is making close to 7Unlockr-Earnings0% more than it was making previously with another network. I am planning to move few of my sites from adscend to unlockr because I am suspecting them of scrubbing really hard on the leads I am sending.

What makes Unlockr different from other networks ? They have no payment threshold and you can request the money any time you want. Monthly, weekly or even daily. No matter how small the amount is. Just go and speak with the AM there. I am yet to receive my first payment from them but I should be receiving it sometime next week. I will surely post a unlockr payment proof.

If you are not happy with your current network, I would recommend unlockr for sure. I think you would see a nice increase in your earnings which you can withdraw anytime without any threshold.

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