If you’ve been in the business for a while, you must have often faced the tough question on if you should sell your site or not. You know its making a lot of money and in the long run it can make much more money.  You get emotionally attached to your sites and do not sell. Not selling it is often a mistake.

Selling is often justified when you are getting revenue of the site upfront for a certain duration. Your unlocking your business’s future value today. You are not sure if google will roll out some stupid update and your site could be worth nothing tomorrow. This is the most dynamic industry someone could be in. Anything can change overnight.

Usually a legal site goes for 10x its current revenues. Sell it off because you have no idea what is going to happen in the next 10 months. Push your site to the limits, unlock all the revenue streams you can. Generate stable revenue for 2-3 months and sell the site off.

I personally used to love my site. Selling a site was like selling a part of me. I regret it. I should have sold a good portion of my empire when it was worth something. I would be rich. I could have reinvested the money in some other project.

Take my advice, sell off your ventures as soon as you are sure this is the max revenue this project can make.