Most of the people online start their first website based around Adsense. I did the same. I had no major success. I started making money only on my first content locking site and that is where it started. I have been making content locking sites since then. I’ll share a few things I have learned over the years about content locking.

No one likes to fill a survey : To be honest, no one likes to fill a survey to watch a movie or a tv show. To be honest, It is annoying. Hence, it is very important to be a niche where people are gullible and really want what you are providing. I personally feel the less IT inclined your targeted audience is, the better it is. Don’t be surprised if you get a lot of hate comments and mails. Its kind of a usual thing.

SEO Implications : Google bots don’t really see the content locker because the bot does not load up java script. Hence, there is no way for the google bot to know that your site is protected by a content locker. Therefore, there is no direct SEO implications of having a content locker. But the locking the content makes the bounce rate go higher and time on site go down. This is a big negative as far as SEO is concerned. If i have  a content locking site with heavy traffic, I usually take the gateway off every now and then to ensure that the stats are all averaged off. Greed is not good.

Funnel Creation : Never ever implement the gateway on the first page. The conversion rate is going to suffer. Build up interest, build up a funnel. The purpose of the first page should be to funnel users down to the second page. The second page can further lead to  a third page with a gateway  (That is how I do it…) . Lock the third page with a content locker. You’ll notice a much better conversion rate. Gradually leading the visitors to the gateway is much better than just shocking them with one.

Gateway Factors : Make sure you have a skin that matches the site. Its not a very big biggie but its important.  As far as the content text is concerned I like to be straight foreword and honest. For example : ” I have spend a lot of time to maintain the site. Please contribute to the development of the project “. This way they feel inclined to contribute. Another approach I have used is the conventional “Human Verification”. I usually go along the lines of ” You have been flagged by the system , Please fill an offer to continue”. You’d be surprised how well that works.  Do not offer too many options as far as the surveys are concerned. The traffic usually is spread out so bad that it even stops making sense. So you might wanna focus all your traffic on offers that are doing well content wise. Tweak from time to time. Colors like blue, green and red do well.

My case usually content locking sites are too niche. The traffic is too little to even form trends and testing is pretty much pointless. So when that is the case you just stick to the best practices.