I started off in niches which were not exactly legal. It was a very shady territory. In this territory I was building my Empire  and I was building it fast. The revenue was getting better. But somewhere I knew this is not gonna last forever.  But when the sun is shining bright its very easy to believe in the idea that winter does not exist.

Hollywood and American music industry are hammering sites which are infringing copyrights or assisting in doing the same.  Initially, there were DMCAs to the host. The hosts went offshore where DMCA didn’t mean shit. They started sending DMCA request to search engines to remove content which in turn crippled the site. Few beasts still didn’t give up and were going strong. That is when the first round of domain seizing came into play. All the major TV show and Movie site’s domains were seized and the admins were arrested. I was concerned but not worried about my fate as I didn’t have much to do with the music/movie industry. They were going after the big fishes and I was small enough to go below the radar.

The Danger alarm was in its full glory when megaupload went down.  All the other file hosts panicked. I don’t blame them. Nothing was same as before. Warez Industry was on its toes.  The power of free internet was being curbed. The regulation of internet had begun. America made sure its interests are being served or America’s politician’s donator’s interest are being served. Either ways America proved it had enormous control over the net and didn’t hesitate to exercise it.

I really don’t think all this going to work. Panic and fear might work till a extent but I don’t think that is really going to stop people from sharing files. In fact all these actions could lead to emergence of something much more advanced and complex and robust to share file, music and movies. All these actions could have unwanted consequences which would be very hard to deal with.

Piracy is a supply side problem. People resort to piracy mainly due to the cost element and the convenience element. Make stuff more accessible and simple, Look for different monetization strategies,  Price things afford-ably and it will sell. For me, I need to make the switch before it too late.