Why I think ‘Profile Backlinks’ dont work !

I recently came across this dudes site Paulie Ciara and it seems he gives away free back link packages every Monday. He claims on his site that its all pr 5 +  .  Now let me clarify , when he claims its pr 5 + site , it just means the homepage is pr 5 but the place ( usually the profiles ) don’t really have any PR on them and are neither relevant . So according to my calculations…

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Search Engine 101 : Indexing

It is very important to know how something works before you can manipulate it for your own benefit. Same applies to google. You cant manipulate your serps effectively unless you know what really is going on.  That is why I have come up with this post to particularly explain what really happens while indexing a site. First steps involves google  finding your page which is only possible  when some site is linking to your site or you ‘Suggest’ google to…

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