Looking back at 2010.

2010 was a wonderful year in terms of business and revenue everything soared up and up. I make enough now and am just a little short from paying my own college fees. Its a nice feeling when you make that sort of money without really going to a full time job. Lets start the whole post with a bit of flash back. ( Actually its all kinda flash back…. ) I made my first site around 2 years back. I…

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SEO Experiments

The whole site was started with the idea of conducting SEO Experiments and finding out what google is actually all about. ¬†We intend to test different strategies of getting indexed , what kind of links work and what don’t and what should content idly comprise of by conducting various experiments in a very controlled environment by controlling as many parameters as possible. I would like you people to drop in the comments to see what kind of experiments would you…

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