Happy-New-Year-2013-Bye-Bye-20122012 has been a shitty year. A lot of things didn’t go as planned. I got hit by a variety of google updates, Site Income nose dived, my company closed down over night, I graduated and I gained a lot of weight. The later end of 2012 was mainly consolidation of losses and taking off from there. Things are starting to take shape, SLOWLY ! I got selected to intern in the marketing department for the largest retailer in the region. So time is of the essence now.

I’ll be ranting less about my 2012 and talking more about 2013 for a change. I’ll tell you where I’ll be focusing and why. I’ll also speak a bit about my module formulations and how its coming through.

First lets talk about the modules:

Module 1:Website Development System

I did manage to get few sites in the top 5 in later half of 2012 by using a hybrid method of what I used to do before and some new things. The niches were low volume and low competition. Looking back, I feel it was mainly to boost my ego that I still had it in me. I have mainly been working on priority basis which involves operating only 3-4 sites at a time. Results have been favorable so far.

One thing I have noticed is that each site is a different story. You do a bunch of things wait for google to respond and do another bunch of things. Its all relative to the niche and purpose of the site. But yes, it is possible to rank sites.

In 2013, I’ll mainly be focusing on consolidating my portfolio. This involves completing all my projects and getting them ranked. It is going to be some work. I’ll keep you folks updated.

Module 2: Automated Trading System

This module is on stand still pause due to excessive lack of time. But somewhere down the line I do intend to start of the project again.

Module 3: Internet Archiving System

I almost completed this project. Once I started operating it, I realized it was going to be very system intensive and there were bigger database already available which I could capitalize on and I really didn’t need to do it myself. It would take a good amount of time to reach where they already where. Sad Shit !

Module 4: Knowledge Updating System

I have been far behind on this too. The book I have been reading is far too boring and way to over informative. Hence, the motivation is just not there. The book I have been reading is ‘The intelligent Investor’ by Benjamin Graham. I’ll get through it.

Module 5: Body Maintenance System

Reducing weight is one of the focus of this year. Sadly, no updates on this end yet. Due to work, I have been munching less which is a good thing. But shit needs to get in order soon.

Other Updates

I also have a daunting task of investing 1,00,000 INR of my money into to stock markets by the next 60 days. The markets have really rallied and its hard to pick now. I was betting on banks but didn’t really allocate lot of funds. I fucked up. The banks ran up. Fuck fuck fuck! Lets see if I can get some other growth stories.

So on a whole, 2013 is going to be about consolidation and recovery. Focus is going to be on channelizing other sources of income and doing a lot of good work. I hope I hit my targets and may be even exceed them. Lets see how it goes.

May you have your best year yet yow  and make more money than ever !

Vision without action is daydream. Action without vision is nightmare.