Systems make work easy and business scalable. Designing and structuring a system is not a easy task. It takes a lot of research and testing to accomplish. I am going to be working on 4 projects over the period of next one year and they are as follows:

Website Development System

Like I mentioned in my previous post, I am looking to build 10 sites in which each earn over 10$ a day. The sites could be monetized in different ways. But I am mainly looking at adsense and content locking as that is the medium which I have most experience in. I’ll be maintaining a journal on day to day progress on the project.
The objective of the system are as follows:
  • To layout a distinct step by step plan on how to go about from start to finish on making a 10$/day site.
  • To maintain a journal during the process where each actions are recorded on day to day basis.
  • To formulate a list of best practices during the process.
Stock Market Automated Trading System
I have a keen interest in the stock market. The prices going up and down have always fascinated me. I am an engineering major and don’t really have anything to do with finance and commerce. I have managed to teach my self the extreme basics of the trades but I have a long way to go. I stumbled upon an idea, a basic methodology that would allow me to write a program that could trade for me profitably. I coded a very basic version of it and achieved a success ratio of 40% over a series of 1000 randomly generated price fluctuations. I was unable to move foreword with my idea due to sheer laziness and lack of skills with MATLAB. I am sure, if I work on this project for a longer period of time, I can attain a success ratio of over 80%.
The objective of this project are as follows:
  • To code a program that can achieve 80% + success rate on a series of 1000 randomly generated graphs in MATLAB.
  • To maintain a daily journal about the process.
  • To test the program on realistic past data.
Body Maintenance System
The field of business I operate is pretty mentally demanding and you could end up spending a good amount of time in front of the PC. The amount of activity your body gets could be very limited. I have personally gained gained 20 kilos in the past 5 years. This mainly due to over eating and little exercise. This is not healthy and I might just be pushing the envelope. I want to retire at the age of 35. I don’t want to retire with diabetes  cholesterol and blood pressure. Plus, I really don’t take care of how I look. This is not a good thing. This needs to change. The idea here is not to exactly develop a system but to get into a sort of routine.
The objective of this system would be:
  • Formulating and adhering to a diet plan.
  • Formulating and adhering to a exercise plan.
  • To carry out activities of cosmetic nature from time to time.
  • To lose 7 kilos before this year ends.
  • Maintaining a diet journal.
Internet Data Archives System
I love coding. This project is basically to ensure I keep the programmer in me busy. This project would basically involve maintaining a record of sites and various related data. I’ll be designing crawlers which will crawl a series of website and record IPs, whois data , adsense id , google analytics id and much more. This will allow me to have a good insights on what works and what doesn’t. Its always good to have your own little spy back end.
The objectives of this project are:
  • To code crawlers using PHP/Curl to collect information of various kind and record them.
  • To allow crawlers to automatically identify new URLs to crawl.
  • To develop a UI which allows easy extraction of Data.
  • To maintain a journal on daily progress.

Knowledge Updating System

Lately, I’ve realized something . Knowledge is power. More you know about something, the better chances you have to succeed. The better chances you have to take the rite decision. Each book teaches about something. Extra knowledge really never hurt anyone. I want reading to be a integral part of my routine.

The objective of this system is as follows:

  • To spend at least 20 minutes of my day reading a book.

The whole  point of laying down various objectives of various systems is to ensure that my time is spent doing the rite things. Instead of having a route less approach to the problem. I want to be in control of what I am doing.  Some of this projects are in fields which I am really passionate about and some are about things I really need in my life. I want to get into a routine. I want to ensure, my time is well spent. I want to ensure my actions will have definite results. I want to be wiser than I was yesterday.