I finally had to give in. I needed a way to monitor my serps across various sites and keywords. The task is daunting and can not be done manually. I looked for related services and found serpfox to be the most economical and sensible one. I took the 10$ smallest package which promises to monitor 50 keywords across unlimited domains.

The layout is pretty decent. Its easy on the eye and function. I was made to add the URL and the keywords I wanted to monitor. I also had an option to add event. Serpfox then records my serps on a timely basis and allows me to graph the movement of my serps based on a time frame. Pretty nifty, pretty cool. It also has an option where you can configure notifications. Like ‘if this site, falls 30 place, let me know’ . Pretty cool.

The problem with the site is a small one. They don’t have a remember me option on the login box. I don’t like signing in again and again.

Ok, They Fixed it. They have a remember me button now 😀

The site does everything it promises. Recommended !