So the last time I updated this blog was close to a year ago.  Has anything changed in that one year? A lot. I am no longer a freelancer/entrepreneur, I got a Job and I became Fat-er.

What do I do for a living? I am in the Online Marketing team for the biggest E-Commerce player in the region. I basically handle the various performance marketing channels.

Do I like What I do? Yes, It takes more than ‘like’ for me to go on with something for over a year.

How Did I get Fat? None of your business.

PS: Its been eventful year working for the company and somewhere along the lines my blog and sites just didn’t get much attention. Late work hours, short deadlines & putting in 110% effort are a norm and somewhere a part of the company’s culture.

PSS:  I know ‘PS:’ conventionally comes at the end of the article. But You Know What? F*ck Conventional!

What is coming up? A Lot of Interesting stuff. I am going to try a article per week for the next 4 weeks and see how it goes from there.

What is it going to be about? Channel insights, Industry best practices and lot of other stuffs which I shouldn’t be telling you about.

Do I like cookies?  Yes, OMG yes.

Stay tuned. If things turn out the way I envision it, the upcoming articles are going to be pure gold.