People will spend money on something that will make them more money.

Those are the wise words of Glen Alsop and it makes sense. I would be much more comfortable spending my 5$ on something that promises me to give a return of  20$. The term spending transforms to investment and investing is a good thing.  Back in my country of residence, people are realizing the importance and potential of internet slowly. They do pay the designer and make a good site and receive no response.

Not a lot of them know that their site is so poorly optimized that google hates it. The idea here is to contact them and make them aware about the potential their site could have and what audience and traffic are they missing out on. Most of this people are business owners and have no time to learn SEO, SEM and IM. Infact they don’t give shit either.

Now me being the nice guy which I am , will get in touch with these business owner and tell them how bad their site sucks and what heights it could reach if the site is optimized properly. I’ll use different mediums, offline and online to get in touch with them. Follow up with them.

I am meeting my first client on Saturday. I am hoping to close the deal. I’ll keep you updated.