Everybody does keyword research before they make a site. If you don’t you are stupid and its a disgrace to have you on my site ( JK, readon..). Over the years, I have made multiple mistakes when it comes to choosing the keywords. Following are most of them:

Exact match: When you are looking up a keyword ensure that the match type is set to exact. Broad and phrase will give you a very wrong and over exaggerated picture. Always use exact match when looking up the traffic a keyword receives.

Singular/Plural: Make sure you have the correct one chosen. My two sites were sacrificed because of this. One simple ‘s’ behind the keyword can make a big difference. You end up taking the wrong exact match domain and hence ‘google’ treats you differently.

Local US traffic: The best traffic to have is local US traffic. This because there are more people in the world who like to target US people. There is more money to be made with US traffic. So keep in mind if your keyword is US oriented or not.

Bid Competition: There is a column on the side that talks about the competition of the keyword. Generally the rule is, higher the competition more the money making potential it has. So do keep an eye out.

Select the rite keyword, get the appropriate domain and make it happen !