Fortunately, I have covered some decent ground on the proposed project this week. I have learned a bit and know there is still a lot more to learn. Lets break this post down module wise, so I can fill you people in on everything.

Module 1: Website Development System

I decided to start of with 5 sites in prospective niches which have the potential to make me more than 10$ a day. While doing my research, I came to the fact that I had few undeveloped projects that had the potential. The domains are a few years old so it will help. I’ll be doing something which I haven’t done ever. Try to make some money in a niche different then gaming.

I was also looking at my existing projects to see what was working and what wasn’t. I have been fine tuning details of sites to optimize them as much as possible. It seems relevancy and the organic feel of a site is the key here. The idea is to hint google on what your primary keyword is, not straight away point it out. Its going to go in the same direction from here on.

As far as the link building is concerned, there is nothing more price less than having multiple sites in a niche. Currently, tiered web 2.0 is doing well. I doubt this will continue for longer. You want to stay for the long run and not get surprises on the way, its in your best interest to roll out a quality site that adds quality content over a period of time.

I have also been looking into the field of duplicate content sites like lyrics, quotes and other stuff which tends to be copied often. Another thing that interests me is 5 page sites which are doing well in search. Their keyword density and distribution along with their backlink profile is very insightful.

I have been evaluating niches based on three simple basic guidelines. They are as follows:

  • I am looking for existing ranking EMDs. Nothing screams opportunity more than already ranking EMDs.
  • I am looking for sizes of these EMDs to be under 30 pages.
  • I am looking at max PR of 2.

I am in my research phase at the moment. I already own 2 out of the domains I need. I’ll be buying 3 more soon. I’ll keep you updated on it.

It is pretty distracting when you see smallĀ opportunitiesĀ in niches that you already have sites in. I know all I need is 7-8 articles, 2 backlinks from the other relevant sites and I am going to rank. Its hard to give up, may be I don’t need to. May be I could spread the 5th slot of making 10$ among these smaller easier projects.

Module 2: Automated Trading System

Its a lot harder than I initially thought it would be. I started off in matlab but the random function there was just not random enough for me. It was giving me the same pattern over and over again. I decided to move back to php. For the first time I am working with charting libraries in PHP . I started with googlegraphlib. After wrestling three hours with it, I decided to give up. I then used JPGraph library and had my first graph generated in 10 minutes.

I have the basic price fluctuation and averaging needed for algorithm to be based on done. I am still working on the buy and sell process. Its hard to write the code without complicating it too much. This project is going to keep me hooked and busy for a while now.

Module 3: Internet Archiving System

This module is 80% complete. There is may be 25 minutes of coding left to enable insertion of the seed list from where the bot will take off. Another thing that needs to be figured out is how can I keep the process running and how would I manage an SQL database of over a million records.

I was also wondering if the data should be available through a search engine format or make it indexable by generating pages for each site. I am still considering it. Lets see how it works out.

Module 4: Knowledge Updating System

Unfortunately, there is not much reading going on the offline front. Most of the stuff I read is blogs of top marketers which over 20 minutes. But unfortunately, It doesn’t count. I’ll try getting my ass back on line.

Module 5: Body Maintenance System

Sadly, nothing worth mentioning on this end. I have been eating a lot in the light of recentĀ festivities. But things will change soon.