Let me be honest , I happened to do something I don’t recommend people my self. I started a forum. I thought it would be a wonderful way to add activity on my existing site and would enable me to interact with my real visitors and hence increase traffic. The whole strategy backfired. No one to blame but me.

Setting up the forum took quite a while. I had to select which platform to chose. I tried a lot of them but found mybb to be far most superior and easy to use free forum platform. It was very similar to wordpress and I had no trouble setting it up.

Once I had that done , I connected it to my main site which receives over 2k UV a day. I had a banner on my main page that would funnel the traffic down from the homepage to the forum for me. I left it there.

There wasn’t much activity in the coming weeks but i did see few signups. But what I failed to see is the obvious. Those signups had pharmacy links in their profile and soon those profiles got X-rummered and My site got slapped by google. I no longer possessed the rankings I once did and traffic was down by 400% .

It was hard to hold my self together because that site was my biggest bread earner. I soon got the forum off my site and resubmitted my site’s sitemap and had my site applied for the reconsideration on google webmasters. That took close to 2 weeks. My site was on #14 from no #4 by then for its main keywords and disappeared from the serps from the others.

I started updating my site far too often , I removed the excess outbound links and verified my backlink sources and tried getting more links. Things have improved a bit I have made it to #11 so far and will need to work harder to get it on the first page.

I’ll keep you updated on how my fight against spam goes.

Moral of the story

-Avoid opening a forum as much as possible and make sure you check every little detail about every freaking profile.

– Don’t give up when your site gets slapped due to parameters which are out of your control. You need to fight back harder.