More often than not there is something holding you back from going ahead and giving your self in completely to your venture. It takes effort and discipline to slowly deal with all the sludge that keeps pulling you back. Similarly, I have been taking care of my past commitments on priority basis. Some site design work, Some site migration and some site design overhaul. The list goes on and on…

I am going to slowly accomplish tasks concerning my previous commitments and projects. In the meanwhile tasks concerning my first venture will be tackled in priority basis. A lot of thinking and planning is going to take place and a lot of strategies will be made. I am going to give this venture 6 months to be profitable.

But I have a feeling if done right, we should break even within in 3 months or less. I have a partner on board for this venture who’ll sort me out in departments which I am not good at or is just not worth my time. I am going to try to get more and more people involved as the venture becomes big and decent sized.

This time its going to be big and I am determined. Stay with me.