Just when I was looking for an alternative to CPAlead , I was contacted by leadbolt on my youtube video . The message was as follows

Hi *******

I see you using CPALead

Have you tried www.leadbolt.com, its a very advanced Content Unlock Gateway.

Sign up and give it a try.

Let me know if I can help



I was like “ok” lets give it a shot. I signed up with one of my original CPALead sites and I was approved overnight. They had a pretty professional layout.  Trust me, I was impressed.

Leadbolt ReviewBut the impression didn’t last long. I soon figured out that each widget i made required prior approval of the MODs. This sucked.  They also are very picky in the text that appears on the widgets.

Another major drawback was , that they don’t allow their publishers to tweak the surveys they want to display. They claim they have this ‘Super-Advanced’ algorithm which displays the best surveys all the time. But in my case , I am much more comfortable disabling and tweaking offers according to my understandings and reasoning than depending on a algorithm to do it for me. I didn’t have an option , so I stuck around.

The leads started coming and in thick and steady. I was making good moolah with them. But the funny thing was my main money making site was not making any real money and my other sites were making 5-6 times than what they were making with CPAlead.  I moved that major money maker site to dollarade ( Read my review about dollarade here… )  , where its doing pretty good and the other sites are with leadbolt.

The good thing about leadbolt is that they are not a US based company so all the shitty US based laws don’t apply. They are a registered Australian based company. So which in turn translates that they are gonna be there for a while.

They’ve got top notch support and are always very eager to help. I have always got prompt replies from them. They provide support only by email and IM only if its really urgent.

The BEST thing about leadbolt payment is they operate on a NET15 payment schedule .  You need to earn over 1000$ in CPAlead for that. They pay via all the usual modes ( paypal , wire transfer , check etc… ) . I am due to be paid in 3 days , i’ll surely post a screenshot.

My TV sites did really well with them . I have an average epc of 0.09 $ with them . All this parameters are subjective and can change from site to site and publisher to publisher.

My words of wisdom.  Try both dollarade and leadbolt out. Some sites tend to do better with leadbolt and some with dollarade.  Just give it a shot, you’ve not got much to lose.

Signup with Leadbolt NOW ! and start milking the $$ CASH $$ cow !