I started my internet marketing career as a forum poster and slowly worked my way up. I have made a lot of mistakes on my way up and with every mistake came its own lesson. The more mistakes I made , the more I learned and the wiser i got. Never hold your self because you fear you’ll screw up. Every one screws up. Trust me , everyone .

Today, I am gonna share few strategies that have worked wonderfully well for me and I am sure it will work for you.

  • Buy off your competitors :-  This is what has changed the whole internet marketing scenario for me. I bought off 2 big sites in my niche just as soon as I got established myself. That is the key. Never miss out on the opportunity to buy off your competitors . A double listing for a keyword always helps.
  • Always Squeeze in for a little more:- Wherever possible, chip in as many revenue sources as possible. I am not suggesting you fill your sites with tons of ads and popups though. My download sites are mainly monetized by cpalead and leadbolt. I integrated a few clickbank and paydotcom products just to test them out. I soon started getting sales. This might not be appropriate for affiliate sites which intend to sell products. But having multiple revenue streams always helps.
  • Start Small :- Whenever I start something , I start it small and slowly build upon it. Every market is a different story and it takes a while before you get a knack of what exactly is going on.  Things become a lot more easier when you are not in a hurry and the site is built gradually. It does take patience but its always worth it in the long run.
  • Make time not revenue your benchmark:- People always judge a site by how much it makes but they seldom notice how much time it takes to make that much. I am better of having sites that make 100 $ a month for me with 10 minutes work a day then one that makes 1000$ but takes 2 hours a day to maintain. That is why most of the experienced marketers dread forums as they take a lot of time to maintain .
  • Always have a Plan B :- You should always be prepared for stuffs you think might go wrong. Recently, cpalead ( my major revenue source ) has been going through a rough patch. They’ve been taking one stupid decision after. I knew they would go down one day or the other. So I had a backup plan ready already with leadbolt.  They recently made all their high converting surveys premium , I had to shift to leadbolt because they wouldn’t not allow my sites for the premium offers. Remember, always have a Plan B ready , when you even sense even a faint chance of something going wrong.
  • Keep your competitors close :- Always keep an eye on what your competitors are up to. Promotion strategy , backlinks bla bla bla…. It helps. I usually , like to borrow ideas from my competitor and improve further upon them.  Its saves me time and effort , as starting from scratch is always a pain. Also , never miss out on opportunities to mingle with people in your niche ( competitors ) . It always helps to have them at your side.
  • Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket :- I like to make a lot of sites and keep them hosted at different places. So when a market collapses or a server goes down I always a have a place to get back to and start off from. Similarly, i use a variety of different passwords, all my accounts have different passwords. I know its a pain to remember but it does reduce the risk by a considerable margin.
  • Always know when to fold :- I learned this from my friend william. Don’t push your sites too hard. If it doesn’t look profitable in the long run. Step out,  if you think its probably not worth it. I started off a Rapidshare premium generator site recently and monetized it with cpalead. I had big plans because I knew premium generators does pull in a nice amount of traffic in a short span of time and as a matter of fact it all went according to plan. I saw massive amount of traffic in no time and then I put my gateway on. My conversions were terrible. Soon I realized , I wasn’t even making enough for the rapidshare accounts I was pumping in. I had warez traffic and that does not convert for shit. I didn’t see much prospects for the site so I stopped promoting it.

All the above mentioned points took me a while to realize. Probably, I learned them after making a lot of mistakes. You are bound to screw up , its just what you learn from each ‘screw up’ that counts. Hope, I ve helped.