Lets look back in time, which species of Animals made it through the centuries ? The species that made through were not the fittest or the strongest. The species that made through were the adaptable ones. Dinosaurs were strong but they are extinct now. Crocodiles are just as old as dinosaurs but they are still alive thriving because they are the most adaptable.

The point is no matter how thriving your empire is rite now, sooner or later something is going to go wrong. It could be Google’s algorithm update, your advertisers dieing down or may be even your niche becoming obsolete.  Look back in time, what worked then does not work now. Similarly, what works now will not work tomorrow.

Internet Industry is the most dynamic industry ever. First, there was myspace, then Hi5 , then Orkut and now facebook. I don’t know, a few years more and there will be something else. One thing I am certain of is that things are gonna keep changing. You need to hang around and make a career here you need to learn how to adapt. Constantly learning new things and testing new ideas.

Once you stop doing that you are gonna fall back. Once you fall back, there is no way you are catching up again. Put that extra effort and keep constantly reinventing. Do what you gotta do. Don’t be scared of failing. Make it happen.