Lets start with a fact that I have an autoblog that pulls in good traffic from google, around 1500-2000 unique visitors a day to be precise. The content is shit, the site looks spammy too. I can’t fix that due to the niche I am in and the nature of the site.

I was experiencing very low conversions on adsense even after such huge traffic. I tried playing with the themes and the ad placements, nothing worked. I was tried of trying now and soon gave up. This was until I saw something on a site on digitalpoint and decided to try it out myself.

I noticed something purely genius on a autoblog for sale on dp ( I would link you to the thread but I can’t find it myself now.. ) . He had shit content and lesser traffic than me but had better conversions. It was not his theme or content, it was his ad placements that made all the difference. It was unorthodox but very effective.

Ok ? So let me cut through the drama and tell you what it was. He placed 3 square ads one after the other on his first post before the content and above the fodl. So all one could see was ads when they visited the site. Something similar to what you can notice on joozly.

I know it looks strange but trust me its effective. I got my CTR from below 0.5 % to 1-2 %. If you have an autoblog and don’t give a shit about the user experience on the site this is surely a ad placement to try.