A normal reseller at hostgator starts at 25$ a month. This sums up to 300 $ a year. I am going to tell you how I managed to get a 15$ reseller at hostgator, the account has a little less bandwidth and space.  But this is not a major issue as I doubt you’ll ever be able to fill in your designated space and use all your allotted bandwidth.

The first thing I did was purchase a 25 $ plan from hostgator. Use it for one month. Once the first invoice shows up, file a cancellation request. Hosting companies don’t really like to loose customers. So someone from hostgator will get in touch with you and ask you why you want to cancel.

The trick here is to tell them you find the reseller a bit too expensive and ask them if they had some cheaper reseller package you would surely take it.  This is when they make you the offer of their ‘Special Reseller package’.  It contains 25 GB space and 250 GB hostgator reseller panelBandwidth. 25 GB is more than enough to host a bunch of standard sites and even sell hosting to clients. Once you fill up your 15$ account, you can always upgrade to the 25$ one. For 5$ more than the standard baby package, I am getting reseller privileges. Its a good deal.


Following is my payment history in Hostgator account panel:

payment hostgator special package