Who Am I ?

My name is ‘Rough Soul’ ( Yes, I ll go with an alias….) . I am an Aeronautical Engineering student from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. So basically, I am a ‘Small’ guy from a ‘Not-So-Big’ country who wants to make it really big on the internet.

I have been doing SEO and Internet Marketing for 2 years now and  have dominated various niches and ranked for various keywords which I’ll be talking about later in this blog.

What is this Blog gonna be all about ?

I am basically going to share all I know, find out and test about SEO . I will be sharing and talking about various tricks and methods I have used to rank and get my edge over competitors. I will be talking in detail on how to get backlinks from various platforms.

Another thing we’ll be focusing on is to make to make a realistic model of google. We’ll list down various parameters and how they can impact. We shall also talk about how we can manipulate these parameters to our advantage.  We’ll be conducting various experiments too to prove our points.

We’ll be trying to rank for the keyword ‘Dubai Seo’ throughout our campaign and we’ll keep you updated on how this goes.

What is this blog not gonna be about ?

This blog is not going to be about any half bitten post, all the post will be coming out rite from the heart. I am not gonna be talking white-hat or black-hat , I ll talk about what i feel is rite and what has worked for me.

What I Expect from my readers ?

Obviously, i expect you to come to my site again and again and drop in your honest feedbacks. I also expect you to not to overuse / over-spam the techniques i show you people.

I guess thats it for now……Let the show begin 🙂