Being busy is amazing. You are in a state of trance when all the work keeps getting done and productivity is at its maximum. Like I said before, I recently Joined the largest E-Commerce Player in the region in the ‘Online Marketing’ Department. I was taken as an intern but straight away made in charge of the paid social channel. All of a sudden, I was responsible and accountable for a lot of things. I was new and I had a point to prove.

Jan was a bit up and down & February I started giving it. Luckily, all my efforts yielded results. Stuff started coming together. My KPIs were decent. But the problem was more of getting to and back from work then the work itself. I started spending 2-3 hours of my day in traffic. I am not a big fan of driving and seriously loathe driving in traffic. Due to a complex contribution of work and traffic, I end up staying out of my house for atleast 12-14 hours of a day. So basically, its go to work -> Get Stuck in traffic -> Go to office & Work -> Get Stuck in Traffic -> Crash . As you can see, there was a serious shortage of free time. In years, there were days when I actually didn’t start my computer. It sucked !

So all the modules I discussed in the previous post were basically made irrelevant. There was no progress on any of them. This further dragged my sites down. My sites started dieing again. Its sad.

I ain’t reading new books neither am I reducing any weight. Right now, nothing much is being done except work. This is going to change. I’ll keep you fucks updated.