I had a nice stint in one of the E-Commerce companies in Dubai. I worked in the SEM department and was responsible managing very big accounts. Creating ads, checking stats, tracking and optimizing. Let me tell you PPC is very different when done on a large scale basis. It is very easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of data that is generated. It is very easy to get lost and make mistakes.

All the people I was assisting were Adwords Certified. I wasn’t. I don’t think I’ll have much difficulties getting the certification though. I intend to get one. I don’t know if I even need but just for the sake of it. Food for pride. Its surely gonna open up some avenues for me. Lets give it a shot, I have nothing to lose except a few 100 dollars.

The matter will be looked into seriously and assessed. I have been told not to take the exams lightly and study hard.  I intend to get this certification done by next month for sure. I’ll keep you updated.