Lately, or may be since the start I have always wanted to do so many things. But when you want to do so many things at once, the probability of  having a bunch of half bitten efforts becomes an ugly reality. I buy domains with big plans and never end up developing them. I buy sites and never end up promoting them. I develop sites and never end up promoting them. Am I spreading my self too thin or am I just lazy ?

Let me give a bit of background about myself, I am studying Aeronautical Engineering and I make websites and also have a keen interest in stock market. I also plan to go to a reputed management school. Fuck,  those are 4 different verticals rite there. The same is very similar when it comes to websites.

I have a lot of websites across various niches. I really don’t know what I think before I make one. It seems I am under the impression I am a superhuman and can easily run so many sites and update them regularly.  Things need to change. I have stopped buying sites. I make a conscious effort of not giving into a temptation of buying a promising website. This has helped but I still keep making sites. Incomplete sites.

I so wish problems would be solved by sheer cribbing. Unfortunately, that ain’t the case. Problems and bottle necks need to be identified. All snags need to be cleared out for a better performance. I do think, I can run all these sites without much problem, If I can commit, focus and perform.

I know this ain’t going to happen overnight. But slow and steady steps will get me there. I know I can do and be so much more.