Yes, yet another penalty rolled out by Google to weed out exact match domains with low quality content.  I got hit personally on 5  sites.  Out of them 2 were already penalized by penguin and panda. The other 2 were discarded sites which were there just with the purpose of link building. One of my actually site in construction got hit.

I am still not sure what caused the penalty. One of the sites that got hit on my end had a very high keyword density and low word count content of a few pages. But people having bigger and more extensive content have been complaining too about this penalty. A lot of legitimate company sites have also been hit. I am sure there will be a series of updates further to clean up some of the mess.

2012 has been a bad year as fat SEO is concerned. A lot has changed, ranking has become difficult, SEO makes no sense any more and its become all about luck. I am not sure how it is going to work out now! Lets wait and watch !