I was looking to add an extra stream of income to my existing high traffic sites. I tried a lot of CPM networks but most of them rejected me due to my sites warez content. It left me helpless with shitty Adbrite ads on my site. The revenue was so minimal that I was actually better off not displaying them.  Leo from PSPGWeber recommended me Epicgameads as a solution.

Initially, I wasn’t that upbeat about the whole thing. I put their code on my site and within matter of minutes I had made a few cents. They mainly have CPM and Popunders . CPM doesn’t pay all that great but the pop unders are a life saver.

Country CPM
Australia $5.00
Austria $5.00
Belgium $5.00
Canada $5.00
Germany $5.00
Netherlands $5.00
New Zealand $5.00
Suriname $5.00
Switzerland $5.00
United Kingdom $5.00
United States $5.00
Denmark $4.00
Norway $4.00
Slovakia $4.00
Sweden $4.00
Czech Republic $3.00
Hungary $3.00
World $1.00

They have a great support. The staff is well spoken and knowledgeable. The only issue with EpicGameAds  is that it uses one code for each publisher. This does not allow you to track revenue based on sites/stream. So all you would know is that you are making money but you wouldn’t know where it is coming from. I confronted the staff about this issue and he assured me they were working on it.

They pay on a Net-40 basis and support only paypal at the moment. I will be posting the Epicgameads payment proof soon.

I hope this helps you to monetize your sites. Once a while popunders don’t hurt 😉

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