The most awaited day my life is finally here. I’ve made it successfully through Aeronautical Engineering. Yes, I actually studied rocket science. I didn’t fail any of the courses or receive any academic warnings ( Had to boast about that 😛 ) through the 4 years of hell.

Its kind of funny that I’ll not be pursuing a career in this field even after spending so much money, time and effort on the tuition. I have encountered a lot of confused people when I tell them I am a internet marketer with a Aeronautical Engineering Degree. I was pressurized to chose a field which I was not much eager to but at the end of the day I found something I am passionate about.

My Plans from here? I am seeking a full time job at a E-Commerce Firm called Rocket Internet as a SEM analyst. I am here to learn more about the art of PPC. I am also preparing for a small offline venture to get Local Clients for web designing and SEO. Lets see How that works out.

Lots of work, So little time 😉