While surfing the net I came across gradberry.  It is a portal which lists internship and entry level jobs for graduates and students.  I went through the listings and found internship openings at a company called ‘Rocket Internet’.  The job listing was kind of vague but it had something to do with sites.  I was always curious what people were doing in my country on the internet on a company level to make money.

Before I could apply, I needed a CV. I listed my achievements and skill sets. It came together pretty well actually. I applied in the week end and got a call from them on the first working day of the week for an interview. From the looks of it, the interviewer was pretty impressed with my CV. Instead of asking me questions about the field, she was more interested in knowing the timings I was available at. Interview lasted roughly 5 minutes and I got my offer letter by the afternoon.

I go to my new work place and get assigned to the SEM team. The company basically runs two E-commerce stores which have GCC wide operations. I was soon given access to their adwords and analytic account. The numbers there were unbelievable and nothing like I had ever seen before. Ad spends were very high. Accounts were very organized and they are targeting tons of keywords.

The company is super organized and pretty chilled out. They already have successful ventures in Germany and Turkey. They are trying to replicate the same in GCC and India. I think they’ll eventually reach there. The company is very aggressive and knows what needs to be done.

I am not sure about them having the best minds working on the job but they are doing a decent job.  All the teams are working together in perfect harmony. No one has cabins and every one is very accessible. Communication is at its best.

I’ll be doing it only for one month for now. But I am strongly considering trying to join full time once I graduate. It is getting real hectic trying to balance College, internship and my other projects together. Its high time I realize I am just one person and I can’t be everywhere and do everything.