Cpalead recently started being a pain in the ass for all the publishers. They started a massive clean up campaign to clean out all the garbage they have been acquiring over the years. This was not because they wanted to become a better network. They were forced to take such strict action due to pressure from advertisers and mobile carriers. They some how found the cpalead gateway being massively employed on fake and copy right infringing content and threatened to pull out all their offers from cpalead.

I was not banned but they did take away most of the good offers from me. They brought up something stupid then. If i wanted to run those  offers , they would need to manually approve my site. I was like ‘ok’ . Like you people know , I run a network of tv show and download sites , I couldn’t apply. I did need a alternative to cpalead.

I came across dollarade , it was very much like cpalead back in the days. They have all the offers cpalead once had and also had mobile offers available for all the publishers.  My average EPC was close to 0.05$ with cpalead and it jumped up 100% with  dollarade to close to 0.12$ which is quite an leap.

The support staff is pretty nice and always ready to help. Their platform is not all that good as compared to cpalead but they have assured me they’ll be making a lot of changes sometime real soon. I currently have 3 sites with dollarade and will be switching more sites with them really soon . They are entertaining all sort of content except fake content and adult.

The only thing which I am not comfortable is with the NET30 payment schedule they are offering. But its still ok .

This dollarade review should probably help you decide , which network you should put your sites with. I can assure you , you are way better off with dollarade .

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