What is GPT ?

GPT basically stands for ‘Get Paid to’.

What are GPT Sites ?

They are sites where they pay users to do something. They usually pay their users to click ads, read mails, signup or some other kind of action.

What is the catch?

These sites usually source offers from a bigger networks which have a huge collection of offers for various countries. The site owners keep a part of the profit and hand over the rest to the users. These offers are usually referred to as ‘Incentive Offers’. Not all offers are ‘Cash Incentive Allowed’. This means that you can offer anything except cash as rewards. Some webmasters go overboard and offer clear cash as reward. This is wrong but there is no actual way of tracking. Networks are too busy taking care of their own matters then worry about how a publisher is generating leads.

What is the current scenario like?

There are literally thousands of GPT sites. The trust factor and credibility of a new site is often doubted because of a series of scam. You often need to pay your users on the spot and the payout comes after 30 days. You need to have some cash to absorb the gap. A very few are trust worthy and still standing strong.

Is it profitable to start a GPT site?

Yes, it is. But the tricky part here is to actually get people who fill surveys and do offers for you.A website owner can clearly control the margin he want to take in the middle. Don’t set it too low that the site is not worth the effort. Don’t set it too high that you shoo away all your users.

How do you go about starting a GPT Site ?

The rapid outburst of GPT sites is mainly due to a turnkey solution like ‘Shiftcode’ available. All the scripting needs to start a GPT site is mainly taken care of. All you need to do is setup accounts at various networks and source offers from them. Luckily, I have a customized version of myvouchergeek which i’ll be using for my venture.

How to Promote a GPT Site?

I am still looking into it. I am not sure how it can be done. But I have to do it.