I had a big gap in monetization method for my high traffic site. I knew I could do much better with my impressions. Previously, I was monetizing it with Epic Game Ads CPM banners. I really was making peanuts. But back then peanuts were better than nothing. Then a friend of mine told me about CPMstar, I decided to give it a shot. I was approved within 10 minutes and I was ready to go.  It is one of the leading CPM networks in the acrade/gaming niche. As per its own site, it serves over 20 million clicks and 50 million ad impressions.  Though it looks a bit ancient and of the years gone back, it is still pretty effective.

Firstly, the platform is ancient. It looks like the whole thing was designed back in the 90s and nothing changed since then. In a way it is good because the site loads really fast. But don’t get me wrong, the panel might look ugly but is still pretty functional. You can track what you want to, once you figure out how too. Its a pretty small learning curve but you’ll eventually make it. ( Yes, I am not gonna go through it… )

CPM Star Panel

CPM Star Panel

Secondly,  The CPM rates are way better than epicgameads. My revenue tripled through the CPM model. I have an average CPM of close to 0.03$ which was 0.01$ back at Epicgameads. Epicgameads is still epic when it comes to pop under. I haven’t even seen any network that can match the pop under rate at Epicgameads. But as far as CPM is concerned CPMstar is better.

Thirdly, They pay. They support paypal and operate on a net 30 basis. Initially, I was a bit skeptical about the network myself. I was doubtful if they would even pay. I looked around and saw they were pretty reputed and have been around for a while. But I was still doubtful. Early this month they paid. The amount is not much, but they paid. Seriously, they paid. ( I should just get over it now.. )

Fourthly, I never got an opportunity to test out their support. Everything was pretty simple and barebone. Theoretically, I don’t think anything could ever go wrong with system that is so minimalistic and been around for so long. But i’ll pinging them soon just to see what they are all about.

On concluding note, I think CPMstar was a good find. Though their platform is ancient and reporting takes a while to figure out. I tripled my revenue via the CPM stream through this CPM network. I would recommend to run their ads if you own a Gaming/Arcade site, CPMstar is a must. I’ll be posting the CPM Star payment proof soon.