I started with gateway sites  a year back with CPALead. I have made good money with them. But due to the legal trouble they got into they had to tighten their leash on their publishers.  I had all copy right infringing content and hence I wasn’t allowed to run the surveys I wanted to and hence my earnings suffered really bad. I knew it was time to move.

I went scavenging around for a network which I could continue earning with and would have milder stands on copyrighted content . Looking for various CPAlead alternatives got me bottomed down to two networks mainly : Dollarade and Lead Bolt.

Dollarade – The Flash based network

dollarade logoWhen you first look at Dollarade , it pretty much reminds you of the old Cpalead. Let me tell you , your first impression is not wrong.  They’ve got most of the old offers CPAlead once had. They’ve got high converting offers along with mobile offers.

As far as functionality is concerned the gateway is customizable to great extent and supports html tweaking. What makes dollarade  different from other companies is that they have a something called flash gateways.

From the look of of the flash gateway , its pretty evident they were designed specially  to cater to the TV show / Movie niche publishers. They are basically content gateway with sort of animations. They not only look and sound good but are pretty effective at the end of the day. Check them out here.

Dollarade is a two member enterprise and has a great support.  They are available through mail , phone and various IMs . Jake , the affiliate manager gets the communication down to a personal level and talks more like a friend then a AM. We get along really well.  He is a great motivator and a great person.

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Leadbolt – The third generation Content locker

Leadbolt looks pretty cool in its design and feel and is pretty functional and effective at the same time.  There is one irritating thing about leadbolt . For every gateway or change you make, it has to be approved . Sometimes the approval takes time and its frustrating. I live in a whole different time zone and hence its a waste of precious time for me.

Another minor negative is that they don’t allow their publishers to control the offers which are being displayed on the gateway. They apparently have a very advanced algorithm which determines what offers are displayed on your gateway. But I am still not comfortable letting my gateway display offers based on a algorithm which i have no idea about. I am pretty sure I know my audience better than an algorithm.

There is one cool thing about leadbolt which “No other Network ” has.  Its called “Multi variate testing “. It enables you to simultaneously test out different gateways and variation on the same site . Its gives you a better idea on what works better than the other and test out different strategies .

As far as the support is concerned , Leadbolt support is very prompt and timely.  They are also available through mail , phone and AIM. I only use MSN ,  so never really got to interact with them. I seriously think they should be active on other IMs too.

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Leadbolt Vs Dollarade

I have been on both the networks and tested them well enough and I would go with Dollarade.  This is not an opinion but based on hard fact and figures.  In January I decided to carry out an experiment to see which one was better. I decided to keep a site 15 days with leadbolt and 16 days with dollarade.

Before I start off with the results I would like to clear out a few things .

  • Site :- The site is over 2 years old and in the download niche.
  • Traffic :- All the traffic was organic. No traffic was bought or no special traffic generation technique was used during the month of January .
  • Gateway Details :-  The skin and text used on the gateways of both the network were almost the same.
  • Purpose :- This analysis is by no means intended to hurt the reputation of either of the companies.

Cpalead Alternative Case Study Results

Lets start with a few screen shots.

This is the traffic screen shot of the site. This clearly shows the traffic was very similar for both the dollarade and leadbolt gateway.

These are site stats on leadbolt for the same site. I’ve included both EPC vs Region and Earnings Vs Date graph.

This is the earning graph from dollarade for the month of January.

Final Analysis

It is important we break down the earning and conversions information further in to EPC and conversion ratios to understand which gateway was more effective.

Earning per Click  (EPC) :-  This is the most important parameter to take into account when comparing two gateways / campaigns . The EPC for various countries on both the gateways are as follows.

LeadBolt Dollarade
All Countries $0.01 $0.05
U.S.A $0.04 $0.12
United Kingdom $0.05 $0.03
Canada $0.01 $0.01
Australia $0.04 $0.04

A major fraction of my traffic comes from U.S.A and hence its that EPC which is the most important to me.  Dollarade’s EPC for USA was 3 times more than leadbolts.  Therefore the revenue i made with Dollarade ( 240.67 $ ) was 70 % more than what i made with leadbolt (141.25$ ) in a span of 15-16 days.

Conversion :- Conversion is another important factor to decide the effectiveness and success of a campaign.  The conversion rates for both the gateways are below.

LeadBolt Dollarade
All Countries 1.90% 3.07%
U.S.A 3.37% 6.37%
United Kingdom 5.86% 2.70%
Canada 3.45% 0.96%
Australia 9.59% 10.28%

As you can see very clearly the over all conversion rate of dollarade ( 3.07 % ) is 61.57 % greater than the conversion rate of leadbolt ( 1.90 % ) .  Dollarade’s conversion ratio was weak for United kingdom and canada but the fraction of traffic coming from these countries is not substantial and hence these higher ratios of leadbolt could not make much of a difference to the total revenue for my site.

Final words

I gave both dollarade and leadbolt a try.  Dollarade gave me better revenues as compared to leadbolt in the same environment of operation .  Dollarade has that charisma and ambiance that good old cpalead once had. As far as the best CPALead Alternative is concerned I would go with Dollarade any day. But I would still advice you to try both the networks and find out for yourself.

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