I was looking into my small but sizable empire, I was thinking what was I doing wrong. I soon realized most of my sites depended on Google. This was fine a year or two back when things with Google were stable and SERPS didn’t really change much. But things have changed a lot in recent times. The Panda and Penguins have made things difficult.

I got hit by a good portion of my money making my sites during panda and penguin. Revenue has dropped and keeps dropping every month. I realized there was something missing in my empire. The missing thing is ‘Control’.  The essence of any successful business is the amount of control you have over your business.

One can’t simply keep making good content website and waiting for google to evaluate. A lot of parameters , a lot of stuff out of your control. A business can not be built on this. A business can not be built on SEO traffic primarily. A business can not be built only on adwords income or a singular source of income. You need to be able to sell something you own specifically. Something you have total control over.

Think about it. Get the blocks to gather and make it happen.