Since Cpalead, I tried out a lot of different content locking networks. Not because I was unhappy with what I was using but just to see if I could make more with the others ( I am one greedy hopeful bastard. ) . The other day I was contacted by David Mackler from Adwork Media. He said he read my reviews about Dollarade, Leadbolt , Adscend and Unlockr and would like it if i reviewed their network. So here is my Adwork Media Review !

I was like ‘why not ?’. I added David on AIM after few initial glitches with signup. He got them fixed and approved me rite away. He briefed me about various things unique with about their network which I’ll cover later on in this review. Beforehand , I asked him what was their stand on copyrighted content. They said they were not that comfortable but it was alright till the advertisers didn’t complain and the lead quality was good.

Lets start with their panel. To be honest, It is one of the best I have seen. The earnings are displayed rite on the top, this is followed by a series of a boxes. One showing your key ratios and the other showing the news updates at Adwork media. What offer is on , what is off and everything else is shown rite there. Pretty convenient and very effective.


Adwork Media Member Panel

Their gateway was pretty customizable and easy to work with. Had all the standard options of choosing font size and color. It also had an option of selection how many offers one should complete before the content would unlock. Below is the gateway I use. It might sound a little petty but it works.They have a lot of default themes to chose from and you can add your theme if you want.  The normal content gateway can also be used as a virtual currency widget which will work via postback.

Adwork media Gateway

Adwork Media Gateway

Like the leadbolt’s split tester Adwork also has the split testing facility with much more flexibility. All variables on the gateway can be varied and your gateway doesn’t need to be approved each time like Leadbolt. You can vary almost anything you can see on the gateway. You can split test and analyze results over a vast spectrum to see what is working and what is not. Testing is very important. Most of us never bother testing. But simple changes in gateway’s message or colors can make a significant impact on the earnings.

Another cool feature unique to this network is the product locker. Its is basically a standard checkout screen but the user has to earn credits by completing offers and redeem it for that specific product. It is pretty simple and effective. Check out the Adwork Media Product Locker Here. It is a little like the hosted gateways offered by various networks but with a whole different approach.

As far as the support goes, its been nothing short of incredible. David was not only helping me around with adwork but also was very concerned about my earnings and ratios. He advised me based on his experience about things that work and things that don’t. We even brain stormed a few stuff togather. I would surely love to see them active on more IMs like yahoo, msn and skype.

As far as the payments are concerned they operate under Net 7 , Net 15 and Net 30 payment schedule.  People earning over 1k/month are eligible for net 15 and people earning over 3k/month are eligible for net 7.  The rest have to do net 30. The minimum payment threshold is 35 $. They pay via Paypal, Wire, Ach and check.

They also have one interesting feature which I have not really seen around.  It is a little like playsonic from filesonic. It creates a competition type of atmosphere where you get incentives when you perform well. Check it out in the image below. All work and no play is not good after all. Bonuses like these can really make a difference in your earnings.

Adwork Media Promotions Page

Now lets get to the core of the matter. How well did i do earning wise ? I implemented the

Adwork Media Earnings

Adwork Media Earnings

gateway on the same site where i did the leadbolt vs Dollarade case study.  The traffic has doubled since those days but its mainly international traffic. The content I provide is also freely available on the net now unlike previous days. Visitors don’t tend to fill surveys for things that they know they can get somewhere else. The EPC was still great. The US EPC was 5 times the EPC which I was encountered at Unlockr the last time I put the gateway on. My traffic now was proper warez traffic and any one will tell you warez traffic doesn’t convert well.  This took a toll on my conversion ratios. My conversion ratio was still higher than unlockr at Adwork media.

I had their gateway on for 4 days and made a little over 70$ in that time as you can see from the screenshot above. I am writing the review few after I actually tested them out. Forgive me, I am lazy.  I was noticing a lot of google dance in my serps so I decided I was better off without the gateway for a while to keep the bounce rate low. I will run them again once the SERP  stabilizes a bit.

On a concluding note, Adwork Media turned out to be way better than I initially assumed. I’ll be running their gateways on lot of my new and old site. The support is amazing and knows in and out of the industry. David, my affiliate manager is also the co-owner of the company and he was really concerned about my performance. They’ll be paying me soon and I’ll share the payment proof as always. Try them out, I am sure you’ll like them.

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