Adscend media reviewLike I mentioned in my earlier posts, I had to move out of CPAlead after it got all gay. This forced me to move to other networks. I moved on to leadbolt and dollarade ( Click on the links to read my review) . Initially, leadbolt performed well for TV show sites and dollarade better for normal download sites. I had few of my sites with both of them. Then leadbolt got all gay too, I performed a split test and found that dollarade’s EPC was almost 2 times better than leadbolt. Read more about it here.

The issue with both dollarade and leadbolt was they didn’t perform all that well with small sites. Small sites like 50 / 200 uv a day. I eventually went on to test out adscend media. They are very strict and accept only legal content and take strict actions if violations are found. Luckily, I did have a few legal sites.

The results were astonishing. My EPC with small sites on both leadbolt and dollarade would be around 0.02 – 0.04 $. It jumped to around 0.11-0.12 $ on adscend media. Sites making 10-15 $ a month jumped to 40-50 $ a month. Growth in revenue was substantial.

adscend reviewThey are pretty advanced as far as other tools are concerned. They have a variety of locking tools:-  Currency widget and short link locking.  Short link locking is something like where users have to fill a offer to unlock the link. They support postback and hence can be used in variety of situations.

Their staff is pretty friendly and is available through AIM and email. I had few issues and my AM was more than keen to solve them.

They have tons of cool offers which I haven’t really seen around on other networks. This boon sometimes acts as poison in disguise. Not all offers convert well and hence you need to be picky about what needs to be displayed. Adscend has somehow managed to complicate the procedure of filtering out the unwanted offers. When your traffic is less its this filtering that makes all the difference.

Final say? If you have legal content worth locking. Adscend is the place to be. You need to filter out your offers and weed out the non performing ones. You might want to stick to their TOS pretty strictly.You’ll surely make more than networks with adscend.

I hope this adscend media review has helped you take a better decision on which network you want to get rich with.

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