It is almost the end of the year and It is time to look back . 2011 was a good year financially. I made a lot of money. I well achieved the goals which I set out for myself in 2010 which were mainly 3 digits a day and making enough to pay my college fees.  My net revenue grew close to 100% this year. I held back on buying sites and got rid of as many possible. Panda hit me bad. Few of my major bread earners got hit during the later part of the year. The path to recovery is still under construction 🙁 .

My revenue was growing in double digits and I was stable around the 3k$ level for a good part of the year. Things got out of control near the panda update. Many of my major sites got hit. Few sites dropped places , few sites dropped pages. Few sites recovered a little and the rest are no where to be seen. Luckily the major sites held ground or got even more powerful which kind of made up for the loss.  The power of numbers, Bitch !

I bought the most expensive site of my life for 1.8k at 6x revenue. It was a nice anime site and I think I got a good price. I don’t think the site will go on for long but I have already recovered the money with a bit of profit. So not that worried. But wasn’t so lucky with some other sites. I have sites which I have literally killed after buying for a good price.  I will revive them some time.

I made some progress on the coding front. I can code fluently in PHP and can make some awesome scraping bots. I have scraped a lot this year and I hope to scrape a lot more in the coming year. I seriously feel coding is a skill every one should know. I’ll be working on a algorithmic forex trading bot soon.  I have the algorithm in mind which I’ll be coding and extensively testing before it goes live.

I’ll be trying to squeeze in as much value from my existing sites as possible in the year 2012. I’ll be making a lot of low maintenance mini sites for the sake of easy domination of niches. I’d like to move to the PPC/CPA scene soon. I’ll be experimenting and will surely keep all of you people updated.

On a concluding note, I hope the world does not end as I am going to be graduating in this year and it is really going to suck if went through 4 years of hell for nothing. Best of luck for 2012 :).